Working on a python / django project

I am blogging about what I learned while working in a python/django project.

Using `pdb` is best to debug in real-time your python/django project.
To run pdb on a python file,

python -m pdb <python file> To run pdb on django project,
python -m pdb runserver this will initialize pdb on your django project.
Place this one line of python code to put pdb to work in that line of your code:
pdb.set_trace() when you start interacting with your django project, either GET/POST requests,
pdb will start to work when the execution reaches the part of your code where you put
the pdb.set_trace(). you can execute one line of python code to check for values of the variables.

If you want to execute multiple lines of python code while in pdb mode, type this code:
import code and
This will make you go to interactive python debugger.
and then when you think you are done and you want to go back to pdb mode,

Ctrl + D and you will be back to pdb mode.

Setting up a Wordpress Site NGINX and MySQL

I am writing this blog post to remind myself how I was able to set up a wordpress site running on VirtualBox, Ubuntu 16.04, NGINX and MySQL as its database server.

Firstly, I forgot my root's password to access MySQL, so I googled for a way to reset the password.
I realized that there is a difference in resetting the password depending on the version of the mysql server.  URL:

When I was able to recover access in MySQL, I proceeded on to setup PHP 7 FPM to run with NGINX.  I already installed PHP 7 before, so I only need to setup PHP7-FPM. To set up a socket connection with NGINX, you must have a pool for every site.
Important to modify in a pool config are:
user, group, listen. the listen config must be the same socket file in absolute path in the NGINX config.
user and group (I don't know why) is a linux user and group.

Masteral Degree in Information Technology at AMAOEd

Hi everyone! I am back. No, I just had no ideas in mind what to blog about. I am thinking about setting up new blog for movie reviews, so watch out for it.

I currently applied for the Masteral Degree in Information Technology at AMAOEd, and I got accepted. I am excited to finish this program and I hope to learn so many things from this program. I need to manage my time very well now, because I also work full-time as a web developer.

Did you also take a masteral degree? Can you share your experience? Please post your experience as comment below. I want to know more about how you manage to finish the program.

Happy Birthday To My Youngest Brother!

Today is my youngest brother's birthday!
Please greet my brother, Derick Siao, a happy birthday!

The Guy Suddenly Attempted To Sit Down, Gets Hit On The Head

Watch this video how this guy gets hit on the head with the handlebar. I was making sounds as I approached when this guy suddenly attempted to sit down. I am not sure if he was really going to sit down or just looking downwards on the floor.

Making Movie Reviews

After a few movies that I watched and made reviews of them, I compared my ratings with the tomatometer in  I realized that none of the ratings I gave for most of the movies I watched was near or almost the same. The nearest one was The Forest.

Making movie reviews is hard because when you go to watch the movie, you have to be in critic mode and at the same time, enjoy the movie.

Do you think that my review ratings are unfair and biased on what I like about the movie? How can I improve my movie reviews? Please let me know. 

My Movie Review: Gods Of Egypt

Go to for the article.