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Why I bike

I read the news today that Howie Severino, a news anchor of GMA 7 News, had an accident while biking his way to work. He said that the driver is claiming to be in the right way, but later apologetic. No major injuries, only a cut on his leg.

This affected me so much because, I also bike to work from Monday to Friday. Even a reporter biking to work can get into an accident.

Biking is beneficial for me. It helps me save more from my salary. Before, I used to ride the LRT and MRT just to go to the office. For 2 work weeks, I get to spend about 800 pesos for the LRT and MRT fares.

Biking also helps me move and sweat more before sitting in front of the computer. I drink lots of water everyday. My last blood exam revealed to me that my uric acid levels dropped after only a month of biking. I really hope to improve my waist line as well after few more months.


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