Monday, February 29, 2016

Making Movie Reviews

After a few movies that I watched and made reviews of them, I compared my ratings with the tomatometer in  I realized that none of the ratings I gave for most of the movies I watched was near or almost the same. The nearest one was The Forest.

Making movie reviews is hard because when you go to watch the movie, you have to be in critic mode and at the same time, enjoy the movie.

Do you think that my review ratings are unfair and biased on what I like about the movie? How can I improve my movie reviews? Please let me know. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Flooded Sta Mesa Route

Before I go to ride my bike to work, I was able to watch the news early morning today about Sta. Mesa getting flooded due to Maynilad's broken pipe in the area. I was surprised about the news because that's my usual route to Ortigas and also when going home from work.
(some links to the photos below.)

I wanted to be early in the office today so I quickly packed up. When I got there in Sta. Mesa, I see it for myself that the flood was higher than what i saw in the TV. I was wearing my shoes for work when I bike, so I was convinced by myself to take an alternative route.

Somewhere when I was taking the alternative route, I met another member of Pinoy MTB - Facebook Group. We were both lost and so, we grouped together to find our way to work. And we did find our way back to our usual route. We said goodbyes to each other and moved on to our route.

The experience that the flooded route tells me to be prepared for an alternative route in case there is a big storm. It also showed me that I should not be afraid of anything. I just have to use my common sense, not become emotional.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Watching Movies As A Critic

I admit, I am fond of watching movies. And because of that, I thought of writing my criticisms for the movies that I watched and post it here.

Here's how I am going to do it. I watch the movie without reading any reviews made by another. In that way, I am totally clueless about the movie. There's a tendency that I might have already watched the trailer of the movie, but I hope that doesn't affect me how I know about the movie. If I read a review from the others, I will note in the post of the article about my criticism of the movie and provide the URL.

I hope that you could give feedback about the reviews I make. And take note, I am going to write them as shortly as possible because I am afraid that I might give the spoilers as well. I also think to give ratings to the movies, so if you don't agree with my review, please post it as a comment on the review. Thanks!

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