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Watching Movies As A Critic

I admit, I am fond of watching movies. And because of that, I thought of writing my criticisms for the movies that I watched and post it here.

Here's how I am going to do it. I watch the movie without reading any reviews made by another. In that way, I am totally clueless about the movie. There's a tendency that I might have already watched the trailer of the movie, but I hope that doesn't affect me how I know about the movie. If I read a review from the others, I will note in the post of the article about my criticism of the movie and provide the URL.

I hope that you could give feedback about the reviews I make. And take note, I am going to write them as shortly as possible because I am afraid that I might give the spoilers as well. I also think to give ratings to the movies, so if you don't agree with my review, please post it as a comment on the review. Thanks!


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Masteral Degree in Information Technology at AMAOEd

Hi everyone! I am back. No, I just had no ideas in mind what to blog about. I am thinking about setting up new blog for movie reviews, so watch out for it.

I currently applied for the Masteral Degree in Information Technology at AMAOEd, and I got accepted. I am excited to finish this program and I hope to learn so many things from this program. I need to manage my time very well now, because I also work full-time as a web developer.

Did you also take a masteral degree? Can you share your experience? Please post your experience as comment below. I want to know more about how you manage to finish the program.

Setting up a Wordpress Site NGINX and MySQL

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Firstly, I forgot my root's password to access MySQL, so I googled for a way to reset the password.
I realized that there is a difference in resetting the password depending on the version of the mysql server.  URL:

When I was able to recover access in MySQL, I proceeded on to setup PHP 7 FPM to run with NGINX.  I already installed PHP 7 before, so I only need to setup PHP7-FPM. To set up a socket connection with NGINX, you must have a pool for every site.
Important to modify in a pool config are:
user, group, listen. the listen config must be the same socket file in absolute path in the NGINX config.
user and group (I don't know why) is a linux user and group.